We help you to realize
your dream of having a child.

When it takes longer than expected to
have your own child, we are ready to
draw on our entire range of expertise
to help you conceive naturally. Modern
therapy and treatment programmes
focus on strengthening your resources.

State-of-the-art reproductive medicine at the centre of Munich


More and more couples experience difficulty while trying to get pregnant. From a statistical point of view, as many as every seventh couple needs medical support to conceive. You are not alone!

At the Fertility Center »Kinderwunschzentrum an der Oper«, we combine highly developed diagnostics, modern therapy methods and the highest safety standards to provide fertility treatment that implements the best contemporary science can offer. We would be happy to sit down with you to address your personal concerns and to advise you regarding the possible options for a fertility treatment. We will honestly and transparently discuss all related probabilities, risks and costs.

To schedule a preliminary consultation with us, please call us at +49 89 547041-0. Our team of physicians speak English and are happy to answer any initial questions that you may have over the phone. In addition, we can provide you with important information before your first visit to our clinic.

We look forward to meeting you!

The team at Kinderwunschzentrum an der Oper


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